A Quick Christmas Day Wine Review

A Quick Christmas Day Wine Review

Christmas Day is a chance to embrace family and friends, and celebrate the brilliance that the year has offered you, in whatever way. It's also filled with a tonne of food and drink, and we all have a tipple that we like to have on Christmas Day. For me this year, a couple really stood out. Here they are, and while Summer lasts, try to get a hold of them!

Jansz 2007 Single Vineyard Chardonnay – Pipers River, Tasmania
We drank bottle number 15 (they’re labeled individually), making a special wine even more so. A pet project of the winery, this wine goes beyond typical Blanc de Blancs Chardonnay purity. Lustrous golden yellow in the glass, with a very fine, supple and persistent bead, matching the appearance of the 2008. The nose has refined aromatics of nougat, nuts, almonds and brioche or toast with lashings of butter. The butter, though, is not overwhelming. For a vintage that is sometimes put in the shadow of 2004 and 2008, this wine breaks through any notions of inferiority. It sloshes around the mouth like runny honey, the nose shining through on the palate. There is cool acidity, but it gives way to the influx of fruit and complexity. Tasted with a plate of Southern Rock Lobster and salad, and brilliant at the price too. It all works – the Chardonnay from the best block in the vineyard, a grape that Tasmania excels at, and the $60 price tag is sensational.
94 points

Chartley Estate Pinot Gris 2014 – Rowella, Tasmania
We were surprised at the quality on offer here for the price, having picked this up for $24. It’s been raved about in our house and we had to give this a run with fresh oysters, and it was a fantastic match. Actually a crystalline pink in the glass, with gleaming shades of golden opals. The nose is full of subtle tropical aromatics, as well as interesting zesty notes. The palate is full and consuming, with tropical fruits but also clean grape juice purity. The saltiness of the oysters braces the acid in a cold, tangy cuddle. The wine is ominously easy to drink – you will have to beware. It’s dangerously good and should go a long way to persuading anti-Pinot Gris wine drinkers to give the varietal a try.

91 points

Cheers and a Happy Belated Christmas to you!



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