Tasting: 2010 Yalumba 'The Scribbler' Cabernet Shiraz

Tasting: 2010 Yalumba 'The Scribbler' Cabernet Shiraz

Cabernet Shiraz has for many years been considered a quintessential Australian blend. They are two grapes that, individually, we do very well with here in Australia. It is also very Australian to go against the grain of the traditional Bordeaux blends, and blend two powerhouse grapes together. But it is not always a blend of sheer power. It is often, and should be, about precision, fruit balance, complexity, generosity and a loving, warm wash of wine. Cue ‘The Scribber’ – highly impressive! I spent some time with this.

I tend to do my tastings over time, to do justice to the wine, but also enjoy it! On opening and pouring this wine, there are immediate blueberries on the nose, as well as – oddly – cold bitumen. I grew up in a suburban area and know this smell distinctly. The early mornings are not friendly in that regard! Little dabs of earth, spice, actually dry spice. I tend to write tasting notes in a stream-of-consciousness, so bear with me! On the immediate taste, it is very elegant, refined, supple, loaded with fruit, with a super-long finish. No burn, which is so talked about in my little wine circle! There is a lingering, mouth-coating finish, abounding in cassis.

After time (30-45 minutes), the nose is still elegant, opening more, with more fruit and earth. It is showing white pepper, dry spice, with more red fruit than blue fruits. On the taste, it has excellent mid-palate fruits, but with barely noticeable astringency. A wine like this is like a real mixed big of angles. It pings little explosions all over your brain, and stimulates the senses. Then, hang on! Rich chocolate on the palate, like a really smooth chocolate cake or chocolate ganache (there was some debate over the use of the word mousse in my house!). Notes of Turkish delight and jelly on the attack and the mid-palate. Smooth, round tannins, drying on the finish.

This is a medium to full-bodied wine, medium acidity, and eminently drinkable. A long, long, succulent chocolatey-moussy finish (there, I  said it). This is a wine from a great vintage, with great pedigree, and of course classically Australian. A blend of 57% Cabernet and 43% Shiraz. 94 points.

Good drinking to you!

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