Fox Gordon Wines - Tasting Notes

Fox Gordon Wines (Barossa/Adelaide Hills) tasting, August 2014

Fox Gordon Hannah’s Swing 2010 Shiraz
Beautiful, full, deep colour. It had the appeal and approachability of high quality Shiraz but with something I couldn’t put my finger on. It was generous but focused, with definite plum and warm dry spice. Without overpowering tannins, this wine was incredibly appealing and highly recommended. From a great vintage. 94 points.
Fox Gordon King Louis Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
My favourite wine of the tasting. Again a lovely deep colour, very enticing in its depth. Again the tannins not overpowering, and very accessible now (for me). It will pay to be aged, though. Great black fruit roundness and very up front, tells you what it’s all about without beating around the bush. Bushy and brambly (for lack of a better word), some of the fruit tasted as if it were tangled in a vine, still succulent and ripe. With more air it got more earthy – mostly dry earth for me. I couldn’t get enough of this. 96 points.
Fox Gordon Cabernet Tempranillo 2012
Not as rich a colour as the pure Cabernet but an interesting blend for me. Tempranillo is a wine I find to be very enticing, especially in its Spanish form. I enjoyed this wine but was not convinced by the addition of Tempranillo to the blend. Savoury and needs food – they say to match wines with regional foods and if that’s the case, go for a big meat paella with this wine to enhance it. It threw me off a little by itself. 90 points.
Fox Gordon Fiano 2012
I was attracted to this simply by the availability of a single varietal Fiano in Australia. Having recently travelled to Italy, this Fiano is a much different thing to what I found there, but no less interesting. Immediately the fruits wrapped around my tongue, and wouldn’t let go. Persistent and playful, I pictured a beautiful seafood platter on a Summer’s day when drinking this wine. 93 points.
Fox Gordon 2011 Eight Uncles Shiraz
From an unconvincing vintage, I found this wine to be a surprise. While I didn’t look at it differently simply because of the vintage, the wine itself wouldn’t allow me to anyway! Well-fruited, there is a really good balance here. Pure medium body and drinkable now. I kept looking for something off, but it impressed. This won’t age as long as the Hannah’s Swing, but it isn’t mean to. Drinking smoothly now. 90 points.

Good drinking to you!


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