Teusner 'The Gentleman' 2012 Eden Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Teusner – Unbelievable value?

Let me first start by saying that both the wines and the prices of the Teusner wines are really just unbelievable. I have had the privilege to taste another of their wines 3 days ago: the Teusner ‘The Gentleman’ Eden Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2012. Right off the bat, this wine is my choice for best value wine of the Winter. Let me tell you why.

Teusner have already impressed me quite some time ago with their ‘Riebke’ 2012 Barossa Shiraz. A superbly powerful yet refined wine made from old Barossa vines (as all the Teusner wines are), the Shiraz really whet my appetite for Teusner wines. For starters, the bottles themselves that Teusner choose are beautifully dark with a moulded vine, accompanied by simple and understated labelling. Very unpretentious from the get-go. I found the 2012 Riebke Shiraz to be a truly accessible yet classy Shiraz. Really full in the mouth without being overpowering, it had a subtle and soft oaky balance that I have also been devouring in the Eden Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

I decanted the Eden Valley Cabernet Sauvignon an hour and a half before drinking. It was a real trial to keep from drinking it immediately, although the nose was rich and enticing and the colour was an inky purple, kind of like the ink in a blue pen when you empty it. True to the colour, the nose was full of berries and dark fruit, with a small hint of gelatinous or inky liquor blueberries.

To the drinking, and I thought the wine slid smoothly over the attack on the front palate before it slathered itself over the mid-palate like a bath of rich liquid silk. It grips the palate because of the youthful tannins, but at the same time, drinks so beautifully now that I can’t imagine being able to resist letting this wine age. Silk, silk and more silk abound. The wine just tastes incredibly ripe and for me, being used to drinking mostly French Cabernet Sauvignon, the accessibility and beauty of a youthful Cabernet Sauvignon is truly gorgeous.

The origin of the wine is of course the Eden Valley, at one of the highest altitudes in the Barossa region. The vines, being on sloped and rocky ground, produce small berries, the necessary requirement for a more intense grape filled with wonderful juice. The product of the vines is Cabernet Sauvignon grapes that are balanced but powerful, but do not dictate the balance. When you think of this wine, the image of crushed, thick and juicy blackberries intermingling with a chocolatey earthiness is going to come into your mind. Don’t fight it, savour it.

Teusner ‘The Gentleman’ 2012 Eden Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, 94 points.

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